BPI Shines at CBI’s GTN 2014 Forum

BPI and BPI’s GTN Revenue Recognition R2 product spotlighted the heavily attended annual CBI GTN event.  Richard Burcham, BPI’s President, based on his GTN thought leadership, moderated the GTN Executive Panel.  BPI’s Steven Birnbach, PMO Director, lead the BPO Panel, and John Lewis, BPI’s Director of Product Development, demonstrated BPI’s end-to-end GTN R2 product at CBI’s four-45 minute GTN Solutions Summit. George Thompson, BPI’s VP of Marketing and Sales stated “I am so proud of BPI sponsorship and leadership in this annual event.  Improvement in and automation of the GTN end-to-end process is the one area where companies can reap significant business benefit and actually pay back all of their past costly investments in contract and revenue management.”