BPI GTN Revenue Recognition (BPI R2)

BPI’s GTN BPI R2 is the only proven end-to-end GTN process automation product available that provides true business value via better forecasting, accrual and re- conciliation, and pricing impact analysis capabilities.

BPI Revenue Management (BPI RM)

BPI Revenue Management (BPI RM) product is being used by over 100 lifescience manufacturers, distributors/ wholesalers, and GPOs. This product, due to BPI’s underlying true multitenant technology, is offered in four business modes: On-premise, Hosted, SaaS, and via a BPI 3rd Party Services Provider, giving users the flexibility to mix and match RM functionality even in hybrid business modes. Scalable to meet the demands of any size lifesciences business, BPI RM with over 20 business modules meets all commercial and government business requirements.

Our Services

Cloud Services

BPI is offered in an enterprise cloud. Customer services: SaaS ,PaaS ,IaaS.

Enterprise Services

BPI is installed and operated at customer facilities. Customer owns SW and the infrastructure. BPI Enterprise Services range from implementation to actual hands-on usage.

Hosted Services

BPI is installed and operated at BPI facilities. Customer owns and operates SW. BPI owns and operates the infrastructure.

Third Party Logistics Services

BPI is installed and operated at 3PL facilities. Customer subscribes to services provided by 3PL.

Our clients